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MasterSmurfs.GG can guarantee you the cheapest prices and the highest quality accounts! Our accounts are all created by us, hence why we can offer you such cheap prices, and the safest accounts on the market! Our accounts come with an Unverified Email, meaning that once you've purchased one of our smurf accounts, you can change the email & password instantly and become the complete owner of the account!

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All our accounts are delivered instantly to your email address after the payment is completed! Make sure to use your real email address!

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All MasterSmurfs accounts come with more than enough Blue Essence for 20+ Champions and with a Fresh MMR!

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We are always available to assist you, just join our Discord Server, open a ticket and we will be more than happy to assist you!

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Take a break from playing on your main and conquer the rift on a smurf account in completely Fresh MMR, without the fear of ruining your MMR if you play bad! It's good to Relax sometimes, you deserve it summoner!


Playing on a fresh lol account will allow you to reach higher ranks than ever! This is because you will have a fresh MMR and huge LP gains, making climbing to your real rank feel much easier than playing on an account with bad MMR!

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Why you should buy a lol smurf from us

Choose MasterSmurfs.GG as your provider for fresh smurfs and instantly take advantage of the best prices, and play on a high quality account without having to worry about your account getting banned after a few games! Even in the unlikely event that you do get banned, our 30 Days / Lifetime warranty should be more than enough to cover you!

Why you should buy from us

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a smurf account!

Have Fun!

Take a break from grinding on your main account and go have some fun on a fresh MMR account with your friends! Take advantage of the fresh MMR and crush your enemies!

Learn Faster!

A smurf account allows you to practice new champions and lanes! All our accounts come with more than enough Blue Essence to purchase your desired champions, and they also come with a completely fresh MMR!

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